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Advanced Embedded Systems Program!

Explore advanced microcontroller architectures such as ARM Cortex-M series, understanding their features, performance characteristics, and programming models for embedded systems development!

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  • Course MajorKeil MDK, ARM DS-5
  • Course MajorRaspberry Pi OS, GPIO libraries
  • Course MajorEmbedded C/C++
  • Course MajorRTOS
  • Course MajorProteus, SimulIDE
  • Course MajorJTAG, Segger J-Link
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What you'll learn

Advanced Microcontroller Architectures

Explore advanced microcontroller architectures such as ARM Cortex-M series, understanding their features, performance characteristics, and programming models for embedded systems development.

Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS)

Master the concepts of real-time operating systems like FreeRTOS or Zephyr, learning to develop multitasking applications, manage resources, and handle synchronization and communication in embedded systems.

Low-level Hardware Interface Programming

Dive deep into low-level hardware interface programming, including device drivers development, interrupt handling, and memory-mapped I/O, to interact directly with hardware peripherals and sensors.

Embedded Linux Development

Gain proficiency in embedded Linux development, covering topics such as kernel configuration, device tree overlays, cross-compilation, and building custom Linux distributions for embedded systems.

IoT Protocols and Connectivity

Learn about IoT protocols and connectivity standards like MQTT, CoAP, and LoRaWAN, exploring their implementation in embedded systems for efficient communication and data exchange in IoT applications.

Embedded System Security

Understand embedded system security principles and best practices, including secure boot, firmware encryption, and secure communication protocols, to design and implement secure embedded solutions resistant to cyber threats.

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Course Content

  • Overview of Embedded Systems Evolution and Applications
  • Introduction to Advanced Microcontroller Architectures (ARM Cortex-M)
  • Real-world Embedded Systems Use Cases and Case Studies
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems Development Tools and Environments

  • In-depth Study of ARM Cortex-M Architecture
  • Advanced Features and Performance Characteristics
  • Memory Management Unit (MMU) and Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
  • Introduction to ARM Cortex-M Debugging and Tracing

  • Introduction to Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  • Multitasking and Task Scheduling in RTOS
  • Synchronization and Communication Mechanisms
  • Memory Management in RTOS Environments

  • Introduction to Low-level Hardware Interface Programming
  • Device Drivers Development for Embedded Systems
  • Interrupt Handling and Priority Management
  • Memory-mapped I/O and Direct Memory Access (DMA)

  • Introduction to Embedded Linux and its Architecture
  • Kernel Configuration and Customization
  • Cross-compilation Toolchains and Build Systems
  • Development of Device Drivers for Embedded Linux Systems

  • Overview of Internet of Things (IoT) Protocols and Standards
  • MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) Protocol
  • CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) for Resource-constrained Devices
  • LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) for Low-power, Long-range Communication

  • Introduction to Wireless Communication Technologies for Embedded Systems
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for Short-range Communication
  • Wi-Fi and Cellular Technologies for High-speed Data Transmission
  • Zigbee and Thread for Low-power, Mesh Networking

  • Introduction to Embedded System Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Updates
  • Cryptography and Encryption Techniques for Embedded Systems
  • Secure Communication Protocols for IoT Devices

  • Introduction to Embedded Graphics and Display Technologies
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development for Embedded Systems
  • Touchscreen Interfaces and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
  • Advanced Graphics Rendering Techniques for Embedded Applications

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems Testing Methodologies
  • Unit Testing and Integration Testing for Embedded Software
  • Debugging Techniques and Tools for Embedded Systems
  • Code Profiling and Performance Optimization

  • Hands-on Project-based Learning with Real-world Embedded Systems Applications
  • Project Planning, Execution, and Documentation
  • Collaboration and Teamwork in Embedded Systems Projectss
  • Project Presentation and Evaluations

  • Advanced Embedded Systems Design Principles and Methodologies
  • System-on-Chip (SoC) Design and Integration
  • Power Management and Energy-efficient Embedded Systems
  • Fault-tolerant and Safety-critical Embedded Systems

  • Introduction to Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)
  • FPGA Architecture and Programming Languages (VHDL/Verilog)
  • Embedded Systems Design using FPGAs
  • High-level Synthesis (HLS) and FPGA-based Acceleration Techniques

  • Introduction to Real-time Signal Processing Concepts
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Techniques for Embedded Systems
  • Real-time Audio and Video Processing
  • Implementing Filtering and Transformations in Embedded Systems

  • Overview of Emerging Technologies in Embedded Systems
  • Edge Computing and Edge AI for Embedded Systems
  • Wearable and Implantable Devices
  • Embedded Systems for Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

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Nandini Patel

The trainer leading the Advanced Embedded Systems Program is a seasoned expert in the field, boasting years of practical experience in embedded systems design, development, and implementation. With a background spanning both academia and industry, the trainer brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom, enriched by real-world insights and hands-on expertise.

Renowned for their dynamic teaching style, the trainer fosters an interactive learning environment where participants can engage with complex embedded systems concepts effectively. Their passion for empowering individuals with the skills and confidence needed to excel in embedded systems development is evident through personalized mentorship and guidance, ensuring each participant receives the support they need to succeed in the program.


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Advanced Embedded Systems Program!
₹53,000 ₹1,06,000