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CSS Training Course!

Understand the basics of CSS, including selectors, properties, values, and cascading principles!

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  • Course MajorCSS Basics
  • Course MajorResponsive Design
  • Course MajorLayout Techniques
  • Course MajorCSS Frameworks
  • Course MajorAdvanced Features
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What you'll learn

CSS Fundamentals

Understand the basics of CSS, including selectors, properties, values, and cascading principles.

Layout Techniques

Learn various layout techniques such as flexbox and grid to create responsive and flexible page layouts.

Styling Elements

Master the art of styling HTML elements using CSS, including typography, colors, backgrounds, and borders.

Responsive Design

Explore techniques for creating responsive web designs that adapt to different screen sizes and devices.

CSS Preprocessors

Gain proficiency in CSS preprocessors like Sass or Less for organizing and optimizing CSS code.

Animation and Transitions

Learn how to create animations and transitions using CSS to enhance user experience and add interactivity to web pages.

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Course Content

  • Overview of CSS and its role in web development
  • Understanding CSS syntax, selectors, properties, and values
  • Setting up development environment with CSS editor or browser developer tools

  • Understanding the CSS box model and its components (content, padding, border, margin)
  • Applying box model properties to control spacing and layout of elements
  • Box-sizing property and its impact on element sizing and layout

  • Exploring CSS layout techniques such as floats and positioning
  • Introduction to modern layout methods like Flexbox and CSS Grid
  • Creating responsive and flexible layouts with Flexbox and CSS Grid

  • Understanding the principles of responsive web design
  • Media queries and viewport settings for targeting different screen sizes and devices
  • Building responsive layouts and components that adapt to various viewports

  • Advanced CSS selectors and combinators
  • Specificity rules and how to resolve conflicts between CSS styles
  • Best practices for writing efficient and maintainable CSS code

  • Styling text elements with CSS properties like font-family, font-size, and font-weight
  • Applying text styling techniques such as text decoration, text alignment, and line height
  • Working with web fonts and integrating custom fonts into web projects

  • Exploring CSS3 features like gradients, shadows, and transformations
  • Creating visually appealing effects such as animations and transitions using CSS3
  • Using CSS libraries and frameworks to streamline development and enhance styling capabilities

  • Introduction to CSS preprocessors like Sass or Less
  • Setting up Sass or Less in a project and compiling preprocessed CSS code
  • Leveraging features like variables, mixins, and nesting to improve CSS code organization and maintainability

  • Overview of popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, and Materialize
  • Integrating CSS frameworks into web projects and leveraging their built-in components and styles
  • Customizing and extending CSS frameworks to match project requirements and design aesthetics

  • Best practices for structuring and organizing CSS code in large-scale projects
  • Performance optimization techniques for improving CSS rendering and page load times
  • Using tools like CSS preprocessors, linters, and minifiers to automate CSS optimization processes

  • Applying CSS concepts and techniques to real-world projects and case studies
  • Collaborative project work to reinforce learning and develop practical skills
  • Best practices and tips for building visually stunning and responsive web interfaces

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Shalini Reddy

The CSS Training Course trainer is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in web development and a specialization in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). With a deep understanding of CSS principles and best practices, the trainer brings a dynamic and engaging approach to the course, ensuring that students grasp the intricacies of styling web content effectively.

Their expertise extends beyond theoretical knowledge, encompassing practical insights gained through real-world project experience. They excel in conveying complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner, fostering an interactive learning environment through hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and personalized guidance. With a passion for teaching and a dedication to student success, the CSS trainer empowers learners to master CSS fundamentals and elevate their web development skills to new heights.


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CSS Training Course!
₹20,000 ₹40,000