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Power BI Training Course !

Master the art of creating visually appealing and insightful reports and dashboards using Power BI's intuitive interface!

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  • Course MajorPower BI Desktop
  • Course MajorPower BI Service
  • Course MajorPower Query Editor
  • Course MajorDAX (Data Analysis Expressions)"
  • Course MajorPower BI Mobile App
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What you'll learn

Data Visualization

Master the art of creating visually appealing and insightful reports and dashboards using Power BI's intuitive interface.

Data Modeling

Learn to import, transform, and model data from various sources to create a structured and optimized data model in Power BI.

DAX Formulas

Understand the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) language to create calculated columns, measures, and complex calculations for advanced data analysis.

Power Query

Explore Power Query capabilities to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from different sources, ensuring data integrity and consistency.

Power BI Desktop

Gain proficiency in using Power BI Desktop for data visualization, data modeling, and report authoring, enabling end-to-end BI solutions.

Cost Management

Learn to integrate Power BI with other Microsoft products like Excel, Azure, and SQL Server, as well as third-party applications for comprehensive data analytics solutions.

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Course Content

  • Overview of Power BI and its components
  • Understanding Power BI Desktop, Service, and Mobile
  • Installation and setup of Power BI Desktop

  • Connecting to various data sources (Excel, SQL Server, CSV, Web)
  • Loading and transforming data using Power Query Editor
  • Data modeling and relationships in Power BI Desktop

  • Creating basic visualizations (charts, graphs, tables)
  • Enhancing visualizations with formatting and customization options
  • Using slicers, filters, and drill-downs for interactive reports

  • Understanding DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) language
  • Creating calculated columns, measures, and calculated tables
  • Implementing complex calculations and time-intelligence functions

  • Working with advanced visualizations (maps, matrices, KPIs)
  • Implementing custom visuals and integrating with Power BI marketplace
  • Designing visually appealing and effective dashboards

  • Introduction to Power BI Service and its features
  • Publishing reports and dashboards to Power BI Service
  • Collaborating and sharing reports with colleagues and stakeholders

  • Performing data analysis using Power BI tools and techniques
  • Implementing forecasting and trend analysis
  • Deriving insights and making data-driven decisions

  • Exploring various data connectivity options in Power BI
  • Integrating Power BI with cloud services (Azure, Dynamics 365)
  • Connecting to on-premises data sources securely

  • Managing Power BI workspaces, datasets, and reports
  • Implementing row-level security and data encryption
  • Monitoring and auditing Power BI usage and performance

  • Optimizing Power BI performance and scalability
  • Implementing advanced data modeling techniques (composite models, aggregations)
  • Best practices for report design, governance, and maintenance

  • Applying Power BI concepts and techniques to real-world projects
  • Collaborative project work to reinforce learning and develop practical skills
  • Best practices and tips for building impactful and insightful Power BI solutions

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Ganesh Ayer

The Power BI Training Course trainer is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in data analytics and visualization. With a deep understanding of Power BI's capabilities and practical applications, the trainer brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom.

Their dynamic teaching style blends theoretical concepts with hands-on exercises and real-world examples, creating an engaging learning environment where students can grasp complex Power BI principles with ease. Through personalized guidance and mentorship, the trainer empowers learners to become proficient in data analysis and visualization, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in their data-driven roles.


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Power BI Training Course !
₹30,000 ₹60,000