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Azure DevOps Course!

Master the principles of Infrastructure as Code using AWS CloudFormation or other IaC tools to automate the provisioning and management of AWS resources!

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  • Course MajorAzure Repos
  • Course MajorAzure Repos
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  • Course MajorAzure Test Plans
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What you'll learn

Azure DevOps Fundamentals

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Azure DevOps, including its features, capabilities, and how it facilitates collaboration and automation in software development projects.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Learn to set up and configure CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps, enabling automated builds, testing, and deployment of applications to Azure or other cloud platforms.

Version Control with Azure Repos

Master version control using Azure Repos, including Git repositories, branching strategies, and pull requests, to effectively manage and collaborate on codebase changes.

Agile Planning and Project Management

Explore agile project management techniques with Azure Boards, including backlog management, sprint planning, task tracking, and team collaboration, to streamline software development workflows.

Test Management and Automation

Understand how to manage test plans, test cases, and test suites using Azure Test Plans, and leverage Azure DevOps for test automation, execution, and reporting to ensure high software quality.

Release Management and Monitoring

Learn to manage release pipelines with Azure DevOps, including deploying applications to different environments, managing releases, and monitoring deployment status and performance using Azure Monitor and Application Insights.

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Course Content

  • Overview of Azure DevOps and its components
  • Understanding the role of Azure DevOps in modern software development
  • Setting up Azure DevOps organization and projects

  • Introduction to version control and Git fundamentals
  • Creating and managing Git repositories in Azure Repos
  • Branching strategies, pull requests, and code reviews

  • Introduction to CI/CD and Azure Pipelines
  • Configuring CI pipelines for automated builds
  • Integrating with version control systems and artifact repositories

  • Understanding CD pipelines and release management
  • Configuring CD pipelines for automated deployments
  • Implementing deployment gates and approvals

  • Introduction to agile methodologies and Azure Boards
  • Managing backlogs, user stories, and tasks
  • Sprint planning, capacity management, and team collaboration

  • Overview of Azure Test Plans and test management
  • Creating and managing test plans, test suites, and test cases
  • Test execution, result tracking, and reporting

  • Introduction to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concepts
  • Deploying infrastructure using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates
  • Automating infrastructure provisioning and management

  • Introduction to Azure Monitor and application monitoring
  • Monitoring application performance, availability, and usage
  • Configuring alerts, metrics, and logs for proactive monitoring

  • Understanding security best practices in Azure DevOps
  • Implementing security controls and compliance standards
  • Securing pipelines, repositories, and deployments

  • Integrating Azure DevOps with third-party tools and services
  • Extending Azure DevOps functionality with custom extensions
  • Implementing cross-platform and multi-cloud integrations

  • Implementing advanced CI/CD strategies and patterns
  • Blue-green deployments, canary releases, and feature toggles
  • Infrastructure automation, configuration management, and orchestration

  • Review of key concepts and exam domains for Azure DevOps certification
  • Hands-on labs, practice exams, and exam strategies for success
  • Tips for exam preparation and final review before taking the certification exam

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Mayank Sharma

The trainer spearheading the Azure DevOps Course is a seasoned expert with profound knowledge in Azure cloud services and DevOps methodologies. With years of industry experience and a strong background in software development and cloud architecture, the trainer brings invaluable insights and practical expertise to the classroom.

Renowned for their dynamic teaching style, the trainer fosters an interactive learning environment where participants can engage with complex Azure DevOps concepts effectively. Their passion for empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in DevOps roles is palpable through personalized guidance, hands-on demonstrations, and real-world examples, ensuring each participant gains a comprehensive understanding of Azure DevOps principles and practices.


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Azure DevOps Course!
₹39,000 ₹78,000