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Mongo DB Training Course!

Understand the principles of NoSQL databases and the advantages of MongoDB over traditional relational databases!

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₹20,000 ₹40,000
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  • Course MajorNoSQL Basics
  • Course MajorDatabase Fundamentals
  • Course MajorData Modeling
  • Course MajorQuery Language
  • Course MajorData Analysis
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What you'll learn

NoSQL Fundamentals

Understand the principles of NoSQL databases and the advantages of MongoDB over traditional relational databases.

MongoDB Basics

Learn how to install MongoDB, navigate the MongoDB shell, and perform basic CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete).

Data Modeling

Explore MongoDB's flexible document-based data model and learn best practices for designing schemas to optimize performance and scalability.

Querying and Aggregation

Master the MongoDB Query Language (MQL) and aggregation framework to retrieve and analyze data efficiently.

Indexing and Optimization

Understand MongoDB indexing strategies to improve query performance and learn techniques for optimizing database operations.

Replication and Sharding

Explore MongoDB's replication and sharding features for high availability and scalability, and learn how to configure and manage replica sets and sharded clusters.

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Course Content

  • Overview of NoSQL databases and MongoDB
  • Understanding MongoDB's document-oriented data model
  • Installation and setup of MongoDB on various platforms

  • Introduction to the MongoDB shell and basic commands
  • CRUD operations in MongoDB: Insert, Find, Update, Delete
  • Data types and schema design in MongoDB

  • Querying data using the find() method and query operators
  • Sorting and limiting results in MongoDB queries
  • Performing aggregation operations using the aggregation framework

  • Understanding MongoDB indexing and its impact on query performance
  • Creating and managing indexes in MongoDB
  • Strategies for optimizing MongoDB performance and improving query execution time

  • Principles of data modeling in MongoDB
  • Designing schemas for MongoDB collections to optimize query performance and scalability
  • Best practices for schema design and data modeling in MongoDB

  • Working with arrays and embedded documents in MongoDB
  • Using MongoDB transactions for data consistency and integrity
  • Exploring MongoDB's geospatial queries and indexing capabilities

  • Understanding MongoDB replica sets and their role in high availability
  • Configuring and managing MongoDB replica sets for fault tolerance and data redundancy
  • Performing failover and switchover operations in MongoDB replica sets

  • Introduction to MongoDB sharding and horizontal scaling
  • Configuring and managing MongoDB sharded clusters
  • Strategies for distributing data across shards and scaling MongoDB deployments

  • Implementing backup and restore strategies for MongoDB databases
  • Using MongoDB tools like mongodump and mongorestore for data backup and recovery
  • Best practices for ensuring data durability and disaster recovery in MongoDB

  • Understanding MongoDB security features: authentication, authorization, and encryption
  • Configuring user authentication and role-based access control (RBAC) in MongoDB
  • Implementing security best practices to protect MongoDB databases from unauthorized access

  • Applying MongoDB concepts and techniques to real-world projects and case studies
  • Collaborative project work to reinforce learning and develop practical skills
  • Best practices and tips for building scalable and maintainable MongoDB applications

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Akash Sharma

The MongoDB Training Course trainer is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in MongoDB database management and development. With a deep understanding of MongoDB's document-oriented architecture and its practical applications, the trainer brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom.

Their dynamic teaching style combines theoretical concepts with hands-on practice, fostering an engaging learning environment where students can apply MongoDB principles to real-world scenarios. Through personalized guidance and mentorship, the trainer empowers learners to master MongoDB fundamentals and excel in database management and optimization.


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Mongo DB Training Course!
₹20,000 ₹40,000