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Artificial Intelligence Course!

Gain a deep understanding of the foundational concepts and principles of artificial intelligence, including machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing!

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  • Course MajorMachine Learning
  • Course MajorDeep Learning
  • Course MajorNLP
  • Course MajorComputer Vision
  • Course MajorAI Development
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What you'll learn

Fundamentals of AI

Gain a deep understanding of the foundational concepts and principles of artificial intelligence, including machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Learn about various machine learning algorithms and techniques, such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning, and how to apply them to solve real-world problems.

Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Explore advanced topics in deep learning, including convolutional neural networks (CNNs), recurrent neural networks (RNNs), and deep reinforcement learning, to develop expertise in cutting-edge AI techniques.

Natural Language Processing (NLP):

Understand how AI systems can analyze, understand, and generate human language, including topics like sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and machine translation.

AI Applications and Use Cases

Discover the diverse applications of AI across various industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and transportation, and learn how to design and implement AI solutions to address specific business challenges.

Ethical and Responsible AI

Explore the ethical implications of AI technologies, including issues related to bias, fairness, transparency, and privacy, and learn how to develop AI systems that prioritize ethical considerations and societal well-being.

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Course Content

  • Overview of artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications
  • History and evolution of AI
  • Ethical considerations in AI development

  • Linear algebra for machine learning
  • Calculus and optimization techniques
  • Probability and statistics for data analysis

  • Introduction to machine learning
  • Supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning
  • Model evaluation and performance metrics

  • Introduction to deep learning
  • Feedforward neural networks
  • Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and their applications

  • Introduction to natural language processing (NLP)
  • Text preprocessing and tokenization
  • Sentiment analysis and named entity recognition

  • Introduction to computer vision
  • Image preprocessing and feature extraction
  • Object detection and image classification with deep learning

  • Introduction to reinforcement learning (RL)
  • Markov decision processes (MDPs)
  • Q-learning, Deep Q-Networks (DQN), and policy gradients

  • AI in healthcare, finance, retail, and other industries
  • Case studies and real-world applications of AI
  • Identifying opportunities for AI implementation

  • Ethical considerations in AI development
  • Bias, fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI
  • Regulatory frameworks and guidelines for responsible AI

  • Planning and scoping AI projects
  • Data collection, preprocessing, and feature engineering
  • Model development, training, and evaluation

  • Hands-on AI project to apply learned concepts
  • Problem formulation, data exploration, and model implementation
  • Presentation and documentation of project results

  • Review of key concepts and exam domains for Azure DevOps certification
  • Hands-on labs, practice exams, and exam strategies for success
  • Tips for exam preparation and final review before taking the certification exam

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Ganesh Iyer

Trainer is an expert navigator in the ever-evolving landscape of AI, blending technical mastery with pedagogical finesse. With a deep understanding of machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and data analysis techniques, they unravel the complexities of AI concepts for their students. Beyond imparting knowledge, they serve as mentors, guiding aspiring AI enthusiasts through hands-on projects and real-world applications, nurturing not just skill sets but also the mindset of innovation and problem-solving. Committed to staying at the forefront of AI advancements, these trainers inspire and empower the next generation of AI practitioners to harness the transformative potential of this dynamic field.


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Artificial Intelligence Course!
₹35,000 ₹70,000