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React Training Course!

Gain a solid understanding of React's core concepts, including components, JSX syntax, and the virtual DOM!

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  • Course MajorCreate React App
  • Course MajorReact Router
  • Course MajorRedux
  • Course MajorAxios
  • Course MajorMaterial-UI
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What you'll learn

React Fundamentals

Gain a solid understanding of React's core concepts, including components, JSX syntax, and the virtual DOM.

Component-based Development

Learn how to build reusable UI components and compose them to create complex user interfaces.

State Management

Master state management in React using hooks and context API, enabling efficient data handling and application state synchronization.

Routing and Navigation

Implement client-side routing and navigation using React Router, allowing seamless navigation between different views in a single-page application.

API Integration

Learn how to fetch data from external APIs and handle asynchronous operations in React applications using techniques like fetch API or Axios.

Testing and Debugging

Explore strategies for testing React components using tools like Jest and React Testing Library, as well as debugging techniques for identifying and resolving issues efficiently.

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Course Content

  • Overview of React and its benefits
  • Understanding the virtual DOM
  • Setting up development environment with Create React App

  • JSX syntax and its advantages
  • Creating and rendering React components
  • Handling events and state in React

  • Understanding the lifecycle of React components
  • Implementing lifecycle methods (componentDidMount, componentDidUpdate, componentWillUnmount)
  • Optimizing performance using lifecycle methods

  • Introduction to React Hooks
  • Using useState for managing component state
  • Effect hooks for handling side effects (useEffect)
  • Custom hooks for reusable logic

  • Implementing client-side routing with React Router
  • Configuring route parameters and nested routes
  • Guarding routes and handling redirects

  • Understanding the Context API for state management
  • Creating and consuming context providers and consumers
  • Implementing global state management with useContext

  • Building forms with controlled components in React
  • Handling form submissions and validation
  • Working with form libraries like Formik

  • Making HTTP requests in React applications
  • Using fetch API or Axios for data fetching
  • Handling asynchronous operations with promises and async/await

  • CSS Modules for scoped styling in React components
  • Using CSS-in-JS libraries like Styled Components or Emotion
  • Theming and responsive design considerations

  • Writing unit tests for React components using Jest and React Testing Library
  • Testing React hooks and asynchronous code
  • Mocking dependencies and using snapshots for UI testing

  • Optimizing React applications for performance
  • Code splitting and lazy loading for faster load times
  • Deploying React applications to hosting platforms like Netlify or Vercel

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Kumaraswamy Raj

The React Training Course trainer is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in web development and a specialization in the React library. With a passion for both React and teaching, the trainer brings a dynamic and engaging approach to the course. Their expertise encompasses not only React's core concepts but also best practices and real-world application.

As a trainer, they excel in breaking down complex topics into digestible, easy-to-understand concepts, catering to students of all skill levels. They foster an interactive learning environment, encouraging hands-on practice and collaborative problem-solving. Their dedication to student success is evident in their personalized support, constructive feedback, and commitment to helping each participant reach their full potential in React development.

Furthermore, the trainer stays updated with the latest trends and advancements in React, ensuring that the course content remains relevant and aligned with industry standards. Overall, their blend of expertise, passion, and dedication makes them an invaluable asset in guiding aspiring React developers through their learning journey.


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React Training Course!
₹25,000 ₹50,000